The sun is shining, the water is warm, and it’s the perfect time to take a boat ride on the bay with a cold drink in your hands. Except, your boat is stuck on your trailer. And the closest launching point is a few miles away. While this may not always seem like a big deal, wouldn’t it be nice to have your boat conveniently placed over the water and with a simple switch dumped in and ready to go? I think the obvious answer to that is yes. That is why we are here to get you set up. Bayshore Marine Construction is a full service boat lift installer with over 10 years of experience doing so.
We have experience installing both aluminum lifts made by IMM Quality boat lifts and galvanized lifts made by Magnum. Through this experience we have installed jet ski lifts, rotating jet ski lifts platforms, pontoon lifts, and lifts for multiple vessels. Not only that, but we have installed them at residential properties and marinas as well.

  • ALuminum Boatlift install

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That begs the question then- what is it are you supposed to look for in a boat lift installation? Well the biggest debate is always between aluminum lifts and galvanized lifts. Let’s start with galvanized. These lifts are usually cheaper, which, if you’re on a budget is a great positive. Mechanically they work just as good as an aluminum lift but they require more maintenance. If you are in saltwater the galvanized steel tends to rust quicker. And the cables and bearing will require greasing as well. Which is alright, because we at Bayshore can take care of that for you. If you’re in brackish water or don’t mind looking after your possessions, and are on a budget then galvanized is the way to go!

However, when it comes to aluminum, these lifts tend to last a little longer. The aluminum material is more expensive but it comes with the added benefit of durability, especially in saltwater. Which is a huge positive. And not only that, but they require less maintenance, and some models are grease-less, making owning one of these lifts less of a chore.

So, whenever you are ready to purchase a boat lift, make sure to give Bayshore Marine Construction a call first. As was already discussed, we have over 10 years experience installing, maintaining, and helping our customers choose what is best for them! We look forward to speaking with you soon and getting you and your boat out on the water. And for further information on the boat lifts we use follow this link: https://www.iqboatlifts.com/vertical-lifts/platinum-lift/