Boat and Jet Ski Lifts

Never paint again! Boat lifts make life easy. A flick of the switch and you are out of the water and safe from the elements.



Quality product and design, fit for any location. Jet Ski and boat lifts take the work out of docking and making sure your vessel is secure.

Bayshore Marine Construction selects the best product for your design. Both boat lifts and Jet ski lifts come in a variety of sizes to nestle your ride in comfort.  Insuring correct dimensions and structure eliminate stress points to your hull. In many areas you can stop thinking of boat storage for the winter as our lifts can be used year round. Boat and jet ski lifts add value to your property and are a luxury to use.


There are multiple types of marine lifts for an assortment of different types of boats, pontoons, jet skis, pwc’s and other type of watercraft. Choose from our wide selection.

Ease Of Use

Take advantage of our remote systems. Hand cranking lifts is a thing of the past. Control your lift from the dock or from your vessel on return.

Boatlifts ocean city

Community Benefits

Large projects come with ease and even greater deals. Have one of our representatives speak with your community about benefits of our boat lift instals.

Protect your Boat or Jet ski from the elements.

Lift Today!
Keep a clean bottom and never worry about hull corrosion.
Save Tomorrow!


Boat lifts and jet ski lifts in the Delmarva Peninsula.
Marine construction in Ocean City, Worcester County, Sussex county and surrounding areas.