Concrete Boat Ramps

Existing cracked and non-functional boat ramp? Bayshore will construct a cofferdam to block the water, stabilize the soils and pour a solid, strong concrete boat ramp to allow your trailer and boat to access the water no matter what the tides are.



Comercial and residential concrete boat ramps 

Bayshore Marine Construction takes pride in our boat ramp construction. Be assured that your launch site will be safe sturdy and have the distance to accommodate a variety of vessels.

Concrete Boat Ramp


Boat Ramps are a great way for communities and residential properties to unload their vessels but they have to be prepped correctly, with accurate slopes and professional concrete finish. For boatramp building Bayshore builds a coffer dam to block the water and create a dry space to prep. Preparation begins with a good base. The ramp is graded for proper slope and then layers of stone create the base. Our professional concrete finishers pour a thick, high psi mix concrete utilizing rebar or fiber mesh to insure a strong boat ramp.


  • We use the finest materials to create your boatramp.
  • 4500 psi mix concrete
  • #4 rebar or fiber mesh
  • Turn down load sections
  • Concrete expansion joints
  • Stone base laser graded for proper slope

Community Benefits

Manny communities along the Maryland and Delaware shoreline have taken advantage of private boat ramps constructed by Bayshore Marine Construction.

Something about the type of concrete.

Grade A
Keep a clean bottom and never worry about hull corrosion.
Save Tomorrow!


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