After you purchase your dream house overlooking a scenic part of the bay or ocean, you might want to start thinking about maximizing your property. This can include many different ideas of which Bayshore can help you implement. Whether it be adding a new bulkhead, installing a boat lift, or adding a dock or a pier for boating ease and docking, we have over 10 years of quality customer service and examples of our work to back us up. As listed above, one of our most popular additions is that of a dock and/or pier.
With one quick phone call we can set up a day and time to meet you at your property to discuss various options. The first question we usually get asked is whether to install a dock or a pier, or both. The distinguishing factor between the two is that a dock runs parallel to your property, most likely connected to a bulkhead, and a pier runs perpendicular, meaning it juts out straight into the water from you bulkhead. Often times we combine the two to create more space and opportunity for use for the homeowner. This often includes the installation of two outside piling to easily dock a boat or install a boat lift. The decision for the design is of course up to the owner but we have built plenty of structures in our time in the business to suggest not only what will work for your property but what will look the best as well.

  • ALuminum Boatlift install

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As a company, we pride ourselves on our work. If space permits we will bring our barge into your canal or water space with our tamper machine. We drive the piling using this device to ensure they are well secured, in place, and straight. We use only high quality galvanized bolts along with options for stainless. Upon completion we finish off the project with high quality copper caps on top of the piling to deter sun erosion and splitting. As a little extra touch we offer composite options for the decking and if we use marine grade wood we router the edges of the dock in order to make the project pristine and beautiful.
Bayshore is also a full service company which means we take care of all the permitting processes once the project is agreed upon by the homeowner. Of course, if you have any questions or would like to speak to us about your new plan give us a call. We are more than happy to speak to you!